Mrs. Jefferson's Classroom

We have begun our India/East Asia Unit.  Please reference Chapters 6 and 7  in your Journey Across Time textbook and website for UPA below.

UPA:  Create a Multimedia Project that compares Eastern culture to Western Culture.
Note taking Strategy-Create a Venn Diagram that compares and contrasts the culture of Eastern and Western Civilizations.
 All students are creating multimedia projects that focus on the question:  How Are Eastern and Western Cultures Similar and Different?

Reading and writing strategies:
Note taking and Summarizing
Comparing and Contrasting
Research and reference.

Week of 5/9/11 Agenda
Monday-Wednesday-All classes will work on their multimedia presentations.  Last day to work on presentations will be on Wednesday.  compares the government, technology, and culture of ancient Greece and ancient Rome.
Thursday-East vs. West Presentations
Friday-East vs. West Presentations

East vs. West Multimedia Rubric

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